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Puer natus est

The motif depicted on the card is an original creation. On the reverse side is the interpretation of the image in German. The notes are taken from the Christmas liturgy.

Puer nattes est_edited.jpg

Adoration of the Kings

This illumination is an interpretation of a medieval original.

(Images de la vie du Christ et des saints, 


Anbetung der drei Könige

Angels appearing to the shepherds

Karte 3.jpeg

This card is a replica of a medieval original.

(Book of hours from Maguerite of Orléans, 


Order now via the contact form!

1 Piece (card with envelope): 3.50€

10 or more pieces each: 3.00

25 or more pieces each: 2.50€

Size: 12cm x 16.8cm

Material: 300g/sqm glossy


Shipping from Germany. The shipping fees depend on the size of the order and the destination.

Please send your order by using the contact form, specifying cards, quantities and your address. You shall receive a confirmation of your order and an invoice. 

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Anker 1
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