Medieval Illuminations by Hildegard Hageböck



splendor veritatis«




The Sacred Heart of Jesus

is the subject of Hildegard Hageböck's masterpiece

because it represents the central message of the Catholic faith.

With her paintings she wants to give glory to Jesus Christ

and give others the opportunity

to come to know the love of God.

The cycle is painted in the Romanesque style.

The text for the images has been inspired by the writings of saints from different centuries.  It was conceived by the artist and translated into Latin by a priest.

The title of the cycle is the motto of St. Cardinal John Henry Newman:





studied medieval illumination at ISEEM, Angers;

her masterpiece is a cycle of illuminations about

the Sacred Heart of Jesus.

At the age of 13 she published a booklet

about the patron saints of Europe

for the Benedictine monastery of Sankt Ottilien.

She was born in 2000

in the Black Forest (Germany)

and grew up with six siblings in Alsace (France),

where they were educated at home. 

She gained her university

entrance qualification with A-levels .

Hildegard has a sacred music education

as an organist, chorister and conductor.

She illustrates books, plans exhibitions, 

makes commissioned works and gives courses on illumination.

Attention to Detail
Attention to Detail

✣ For book illuminations one needs patience, diligence, steadiness - and a lot of time…

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✣ Classical motifs are playfully complemented by innovative ideas.

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Medieval colours
Medieval colours

✣ The authentic colours are made from eggs white, honey, gum arabic and natural pigments.

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Images of Gold
Images of Gold

✣ Through various elaborate processes, the illumination is refined by precious metals.

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✣ The artist likes to work with different techniques and tries to transfer medieval principles to contemporary art.

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Natural Materials
Natural Materials

✣ Selected parchments, pigments from minerals and traditional processes guarantee the exceptional quality of the book illumination.

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Hildegard creates mainly works of Christian art.

Stylistically, she deals with various periods

of medieval book illumination;

in addition, she also creates illustrations

for children's books and Christmas cards.


She is always focused on art as a means to praise God.

Therefore, she likes to make altar cards for Holy Mass

or devotional pictures of saints.

At the same time, she wants to bring joy to people

through beauty, which is why

she occasionally makes gifts,

board game illustrations, invitations and certificates. 

In her illuminations, she draws on old models,

but also rearranges them and sometimes

creates completely new designs.



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